Waconia Comfort can help improve you home’s indoor air quality.

Bryant Whole House Humidifier

Preferred™ Series Large Bypass Humidifier

Bypass Style Humidifiers Help Keep You Breathing Easier All Winter Long

Bryant® humidifiers help you add moisture to the air, keeping static, sore throats, and dry skin at bay. And because humidified air feels warmer, you can enjoy comfort at cooler temperature settings to help save energy and money over the winter.

The Bryant® Preferred series bypass humidifier works as a value-add to your heating system, relying on the furnace or fan coil blower to deliver up to 17 gallons of moisture vapor throughout your home per day.



Factory Authorized Dealers (FAD)

It takes reliable service and technical know-how to stand out, and all Bryant Dealers do Whatever It Takes® day in and day out.  The Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer symbol, means Waconia Comfort has met the highest standards for superior skills, service, and a promise of 100% satisfaction guaranteed.*