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Fireplace FAQs

Q: What should I do if I smell gas?
A: Don’t take a gas odor lightly. If you can’t locate the source of the odor and you are worried you have a gas leak, open the windows, get out of the house, then call the gas company.

Q: How do I light my pilot?
A: Every model is different. Please refer to the owner’s manual or the ratings plate in the lower controls area. You can also check the manufacturer website, as most will give you step by step instructions in lighting the pilot.

Q: Can I shut the pilot off in the summer?
A: It’s not recommended in areas that are high in humidity or have large fluctuations in temperature. The small amount of heat the pilot gives off keeps the area dry. The moisture which can accumulate with humid weather can cause corrosion and/or decrease the life of your unit.

If you do not live in a humid area, you can turn the pilot off when you won’t be using your appliance for an extended period of time, and then refer to your manual to relight the pilot when needed.

Q: How can I find the model number?
A: Gas burning fireplaces and inserts have a serial/model/rating plate in the lower controls area. Gas stoves have a serial/model/rating plate attached to the back of the stove or inside the pedestal base.

Q: How do I remove the glass from my fireplace?
A: Every fireplace is different; please refer to the installation manual or users guide for your fireplace to see how the glass is attached to your specific model and instructions for removal. The owner’s manuals for some models can be found on the manufacturers’ website.

Q: How do I clean my glass?
1) Make sure your glass is completely cooled. It is also recommended to turn the gas off when servicing your appliance.
2) Remove the front face or louvers of your fireplace; carefully remove the glass assembly of your fireplace (following the instructions in your manual) and lay it on a soft surface.
3) Wipe both sides with household glass cleaner or a ceramic glass cleaner sold at our showroom (do not use a product with ammonia), using a soft cloth.
4) Carefully replace glass on front of fireplace (following the instructions in your manual); making sure glass assembly and front are secured. **Never use any abrasive cleaners or cloths to clean your glass. Scratching can cause the glass to shatter**.

Q: My remote control is not working. Why?
A: The most common reason a remote does not work is the batteries need to be changed in the hand-held transmitter and/or in the receiver box (on some models), which is located in the lower controls area. Other causes:
1) Batteries are installed incorrectly.
2) Misunderstanding on how the remote features operate the fireplace, please refer to the manual.
3) The slide switch on the receiver is not in the correct position (set in remote position).
4) The remote hand-held transmitter has not had the “learn” function activated to the receiver (refer to manual).
5) Defective component, for which replacement parts can be purchased or replaced if under warranty.

Q: My remote will not turn my fireplace off. Why?
A: Possible causes:
1) The on/off switch on the fireplace and/or wall may be in the “on” position. This will over ride the remote control feature.
2) The remote is in the thermostat mode and the temperature of the room has not exceeded the desired temperature you have programmed.
3) Batteries in the hand-held transmitter need to be replaced. The remote may work up close and will not work a few feet away.
4) Hand-held transmitter is outside of the 25′ of operation.
5) Hand-held transmitter has been dropped and the frequency has been moved off the frequency of the receiver.

Q: Why is it important to have regular maintenance on my fireplace?
A: It helps in preventing problems before they start. It also keeps your unit running at its highest efficiency. Even the best equipment, if not maintained properly can lose efficiency which can lead to higher utility bills.